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What’s the difference between PC hollow sheets and traditional greenhouse materials?

Time: 2018-12-20

What’s the difference between PC hollow sheets and traditional greenhouse materials?


The commonly used greenhouse covering materials now mainly include glass, polycarbonate hollow sheet and film, which have the best insulation performance. As most of the greenhouse cover materials are made of glass or other materials with low thermal insulation performance, the heat in the greenhouse is easy to be lost. In order to maintain the normal growth of greenhouse crops, a lot of energy is consumed, and the energy cost has been increasing in recent years.

With its excellent thermal insulation performance, polycarbonate hollow sheets are gradually applied to more modern greenhouses. Compared with glass and other low-efficiency greenhouse covering materials, polycarbonate hollow sheets have the lowest energy consumption per unit, with 50% less energy consumption than ordinary glass greenhouses.

Transmittance is another key factor to evaluate greenhouse performance. As is known to all, domestic ordinary polycarbonate hollow sheet used for a long time, are prone to yellowing problem, which affects greenhouse pervious to light quality, this is the most headache thing, flower growers because anthurium, pineapple and so on upscale potted flower has a very high requirements on lighting, insufficient light will affect the quality of flowers, it become one of the reasons for the producers to abandon the use of the polycarbonate hollow sheet.

polycarbonate hollow sheet transmittance can reach 85% or so, adopted the improvement that fights ultraviolet ray to deal with, because this is long, also won’t show yellow below ultraviolet ray irradiation, use 20 years to do not appear yellow even. This allows it to provide ample sunlight to the greenhouse, providing superior growth conditions for many high-grade flowers, and ensuring that the plants grow well and brightly.

Many flower production greenhouses in the Netherlands use this polycarbonate hollow sheet as cover, which can produce high-quality flowers all year round. For example, in the Netherlands, the first innovative energy production greenhouse in China, 26,000 square meters of polycarbonate hollow sheets were used as the covering material. Even under harsh environment conditions such as cold or over-strong sunlight, polycarbonate hollow sheets still grow well.