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What is the reason of polycarbonate solid sheet craze?

Time: 2019-01-23

What is the reason of polycarbonate solid sheet craze?


Polycarbonate solid sheet cracking is mainly caused by the following:

1. The raw material of the polycarbonate solid sheet is different batches or the same batch of raw material molecular weight is different, in the process of processing the power of molecular movement is different, so that there is internal stress in the plate, once heating or cooling, once bending deformation or external force holes and so on, the polycarbonate solid sheet will appear different degrees of cracks.

2. Raw material particles of the plate in the processing process, if the temperature of the mechanical cylinder is too low, so as to melt into liquid raw material injection into the mold head hole core temperature is too low, so that the plate forming process will appear in different degrees of internal gravity, finally the plate is easy to brittle cracking, resulting in the appearance of broken plate.

3 Polycarbonate solid sheet encountered acid and alkali corrosion, easy to lead to cracking, because PC material is only slightly resistant to acid and alkali, the high level of acid and alkali material will directly destroy the molecular structure of the plate caused by broken plate.

4. The surrounding environment of the polycarbonate solid sheet secondary pollution of industrial products, such as: elbow dripping oil, rust material, chlorophenol and other substances are easy to cause the polycarbonate solid sheet cracking plate, because these substances will decompose the polycarbonate solid sheet structure, so there will be different degrees of cracking.

5 Polycarbonate solid sheet anti-ultraviolet surface in the installation process appeared upside down, so that the summer strong ultraviolet radiation will break through the plate, resulting in different degrees of cracking of the plate.

6 Polycarbonate solid sheet surface uv coating is not qualified, that is, did not reach the expected thickness, (under normal circumstances thickness of 50 microns, to reach 7 years or so under normal light conditions of the yellow index) such plates are easy to be ultraviolet radiation gradually aging, the final plate is easy to brittle cracking.

7. The polycarbonate solid sheet violates the construction manual process in the installation process, such as punching holes in the bending part, so that the plate will appear different degrees of cracking.

8 Polycarbonate solid sheet and polycarbonate solid sheet splicing place should be reserved according to the different thickness of the plate gap spacing is not the same, otherwise the thermal expansion will appear when the tympani tension is too large and cracking deformation, finally broken plate.

9 Polycarbonate solid sheet in the installation process can not be too long, the normal within 6 meters, or it will appear when the heat rises and cold shrinks cracked plate.

10 Polycarbonate solid sheet in the installation process can not play too many screws, generally per square meter for 3–5 screws, screws can not be too tight, the screw gasket contact plate will stop, otherwise it will be easy to appear cracked plate cracking.

11 Polycarbonate solid sheet gap must use neutral glue or neutral weather resistant sealant, must not put the plate around the neutral structure glue fixed seal, otherwise the plate is prone to cracking cracked plate.