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What are the benefits of hardening the PC solid sheet?

Time: 2019-01-18

What are the benefits of hardening the PC solid sheet?


PC solid sheet hardening is a relatively big problem in China now. Although there are many news about PC hardening in China, PC hardening can be really done without affecting the original basic performance of PC polycarbonate solid sheet — strength, bending degree and transparency, which cannot be solved by many manufacturers. Jiangsu guoweixing introduced the PC solid sheet why to add hardening treatment such a process?

After forming, PC solid sheet will undergo secondary treatment. The main process is hardening treatment. Why should such a process be added? For what purpose?

The main reason for PC solid sheet hardening is that its surface hardness is not enough and it is easy to scratch and scratch, which limits its application. Since the development of the PC solid sheet surface treatment technology, the PC solid sheet through surface hardening can be up to 2H. However, it should be noted that not all quality PC solid sheets can be hardened, it can be seen that hardened PC solid sheets are more stringent to its plate requirements.

One of the most important preconditions is that the PC solid sheet surface needs the phenomenon of no head line, no water ripple and so on, in order to be hardened.

One of the major deficiencies of the hardened polycarbonate solid sheet is that the solid sheet is hardened to the surface, which will affect the flexibility of the plate, the polycarbonate solid sheet will become very brittle, in the processing or installation of the polycarbonate solid sheet brittle crack. At the same time the plate can not bend, the placement process can only be flat. Therefore, although the hardened polycarbonate solid sheet meets the needs of some customers, the overall application quantity in the market is still very small.