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Using polycarbonate instead of glass to show the beauty of architecture

Time: 2018-12-03

Where is its charm of using pc sheet instead of glass to show the beauty of architecture?


In Jiangcheng Wuhan, the railway station there is not new, the unique "Nine-Headed Bird" and the wave shape are integrated, and with its gorgeous and elegant appearance, it has won the title of "the most beautiful building in the world".


Of course, beauty is not just the whole of this railway station. In addition to its rich architectural style, Wuhan Station also provides a comfortable and safe travel experience for tourists from the south to the north with excellent safety. All of this stems from polycarbonate materials that are more plastic, more load-bearing and more environmentally friendly.


With the continuous development of the construction industry, the demand for building materials has exceeded the scope of reinforced concrete. In recent years, the emergence of new building structures has placed higher demands on building materials. In addition to the most basic fire resistance, impact strength and durability, building materials are also moving in new directions.


Safety in times of crisis: When the building materials with glass texture encounter impact, a large amount of debris will be generated, and the human body will be different. The polycarbonate sheet will only deform or break under the impact of external force due to its own advantages. Fragments are generated, which further reduces the harm that may be caused to people when disasters such as earthquakes occur.


Lightweight and flexible: In addition to the three advantages of safety, strength and durability, lightweight and high plasticity can be said to be the outstanding advantages of polycarbonate sheet, and it is also benefiting from this, many original architectural design concepts have become a reality. At present, polycarbonate sheets have been successfully used in many public buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings at home and abroad. The roof of the California Academy of Sciences has been replaced by a lighter weight and easier to shape the Makrolon® sheet, which has reduced structural support and achieved a more aesthetically pleasing design while reducing costs, bringing life to people's lives. A touch of art.


Fearless heat and ice: Weather resistance is also a major feature of polycarbonate sheets. The long-term durability of polycarbonate sheets is much higher than that of other materials such as polypropylene and PVC, and their load capacity and stability can be maintained even when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures for a long time.