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Ubiquitous polycarbonate sheet

Time: 2018-08-09

Ubiquitous polycarbonate sheet


Polycarbonate sheet has been widely used in many fields except construction, such as transportation, industrial, LED lighting, etc. due to its excellent fire resistance, impact resistance and high plasticity. The application of this innovative material offers engineering companies, designers and owners a new material choice.


For example, the three tunnel entrances of Expressway are often faced with strong winds, rain and snow due to the climatic conditions in the mountainous areas, resulting in a large amount of snow on both sides of the tunnel, and frequent traffic accidents. To this end, the local authorities plan to put a snow-proof awning on the entrance and exit of the tunnel, and put high demands on the snow load capacity and durability of the awning. After repeated comparisons, 6mm blue solid polycarbonate sheet was selected as a awning material for its high impact resistance and durability, not only meeting the needs of the construction side, but also beautifully The contour shape also adds a beautiful landscape to Express.


In addition to the high fire resistance, impact resistance and high plasticity properties often mentioned in the construction field, polycarbonate sheets also have excellent light transmission properties, which can meet the lighting requirements of different environments. Moreover, its light transmittance has an extremely high stability, and it can ensure that its light transmittance does not fall by more than 6% during the 10-year quality guarantee period. The advantage of this high light transmission has been exploited and utilized on the Shanghai thermal power transmission belt.


In addition to the industrial field, the excellent light transmission of polycarbonate sheets makes them the perfect choice for advertising light box panels. For example, the Guangzhou Metro advertising light box panel currently using polycarbonate sheet not only does not have the phenomenon of “rib ribs” which often occurs in general light box boards, and achieves excellent diffusion effect, and reduces the use of LED light sources to meet energy saving requirements.


A versatile polycarbonate sheet that combines robust safety with stylish plasticity is just one example of Covestro's many high-tech polymer materials. Today, our materials are widely used in electrical, automotive, medical, construction, and all aspects of modern life.