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The advantage of Polycarbonate sheet

Time: 2018-10-18

The advantage of Polycarbonate sheet


PC, Chinese name is polycarbonate. It is a new type of thermoplastic with a transparency of 90% and is known as a transparent metal. It is rigid and tough, has high impact strength, high dimensional stability and a wide range of use temperatures, good electrical insulation properties and heat resistance and non-toxicity, can be injected and extruded.

PC has excellent thermal properties and can be used for a long period of time between -100 ° C and 130 ° C. The embrittlement temperature is below -100 ° C. Although polycarbonate has poor cracking resistance and chemical resistance, it is easily hydrolyzed at high temperature, has poor compatibility with other resins, and has poor lubricating properties. However, it can be modified by adding other resins or inorganic fillers. Very good performance.

1 high strength and elastic modulus, high impact strength, wide temperature range

2 high transparency, what color you want to dye

3 heat resistance high. H.D.T. high

4 tasteless and odorless, harmless to the human body, in line with health and safety, food grade

5 low molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability, easy to process

6 excellent electrical characteristics, high flame retardant

7 anti-UV, good weather resistance

8 good fatigue resistance, good toughness