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SABIC formable hard-coated polycarbonate sheet for glass applications

Time: 2019-01-09

SABIC formable hard-coated polycarbonate sheet for glass applications


Saudi Basic Industries' new Lexan Margard FHC10 sheet can be used for medium-sized glass components and has a lower cost for injection molding.

Saudi Basic Industries has introduced a new polycarbonate (PC) sheet into its expanding automotive glass line. The Lexan Margard FHC10 is designed to meet the stringent visibility, strength and wear resistance requirements of ECE R43. The new product features a rugged PC base and superior optical quality combined with a unique, formed hard coating that is fully pre-cured. In addition to complying with the ECE R43 standard, the Lexan Margard FHC10 sheet also allows customers to avoid post-painting operations and offers automotive OEMs and intermediate layers the option of creating simple, curved glazing designs.

“Market analysts expect strong growth in the automotive glass industry due to technological advances in materials such as polycarbonate and the continued demand for increasingly lighter components, especially electric vehicles.” Glass function of Saudi Basic Industries Department head Peter Cheder said.

Lexan Margard FHC10 sheet is a proprietary silicon-based formable hard coat with dual cure technology. The coating is pre-cured to the same ease of processing and fabrication as any conventional PC board. Advanced coating technology ensures good adhesion under temperature cycling, water and humidity.

Lexan Margard FHC10 sheets are also reported to have excellent mechanical properties, including outstanding impact strength and high optical quality. It is characterized by crystal clear, low ripple and distortion, including a very low number of optical defects. This advanced new product is also resistant to common chemicals, weathering and UV rays.