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Roofing daylighting quality material: PC polycarbonate corrugated sheet

Time: 2018-12-18

Roofing daylighting quality material: PC polycarbonate corrugated sheet


PC corrugated sheet is mainly used in the roof wall lighting of industrial plants, roof lighting of public sports venues, as well as warehouse, greenhouse, station, wharf, airport, commercial buildings, steel structures and many other lighting fields. So, PC corrugated sheet application in the building has what role?

1. Good natural lighting effect
PC corrugated sheet can significantly improve the lighting effect of buildings with large depth. Even the simplest internal and external flat type PC corrugated sheet can effectively increase the illumination from 4~9m away from the window all day long and improve the lighting uniformity of the whole room. The effect is especially obvious in the early morning and evening when the outdoor natural light intensity is low, and when the summer sun altitude Angle is high. Compared with ordinary buildings, buildings with lighting boards have better indoor lighting effect and higher utilization rate of natural light.

2. Reduce building energy consumption and increase indoor comfort
PC corrugated sheet use of the upper window is small, will not seriously increase the air-conditioning load; And PC corrugated sheet is in through upper window while sunshine is introduced indoor, had the effect outside shading to the lower window of large area. It can be seen from the simulation results that there is a significant reduction in air conditioning load after the use of the lighting panel. The effect will be more obvious when the optimized lighting board is used.

High quality features of PC corrugated sheet:
1. The temperature of 0 degrees Celsius and 40 ℃, 120 ℃ temperature range performance is stable, no high temperature to soften, cold embrittlement phenomenon; Can also be designed into a double-layer structure, better thermal insulation effect, especially suitable for the northern cold areas of the farm winter production.

2. Crushing resistance, super impact resistance, can prevent the impact of snow and hail, avoid causing nail hole swelling, crack and leakage.

3. Easy to clean and convenient to clean without special care.

4. Polycarbonate corrugated sheet is astigmatic, soft light, light transmittance to maintain a high degree, can effectively block the vast majority of ultraviolet rays

5. In case of fire, the smoke inside the room can be discharged after rapid combustion, which can reduce the casualties in the fire and avoid melting drops in the combustion process, thus effectively protecting the safety of on-site personnel.