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Polycarbonate Sheets & Films Market research report in depth analysis 2018-2023

Time: 2018-11-26

Polycarbonate Sheets & Films Market research report in depth analysis 2018-2023


The polycarbonate sheets & films market is expected to register a healthy rate during 2018-2023 (the forecast period). The reviving construction sector in the European countries and the growing popularity of polycarbonate against conventional materials are a few major factors driving the growth of the polycarbonate sheets & films market.

Newer Applications by Different End Users to Broaden the Horizon

The uniqueness and performance characteristics of polycarbonate have increased its applications in major industrial sectors, such as medical devices, automotive, IT-hardware, electronics, and building & construction sectors. In the automotive industry, polycarbonate sheet technology is used in a wide range of structural, safety, and aesthetic applications. The low-weight, virtual unbreakability, and glass-like transparency of polycarbonate make it a preferred option for the application of headlamps in cars. Glass has been dominating the automotive glazing industry and accounted for a share of over 85% of the overall consumption rate in 2017. However, rising inclination of automotive manufacturers of substituting glass with lightweight polycarbonate sheets is expected to hamper the market share of glass in the automotive glazing industry. The major automotive manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Fiat, and Daimler AG, are likely to invest in plastic glazing technologies to achieve better structural efficiencies, which is expected to grow the demand for polycarbonate sheets in the near future. In the electrical & electronics (E&E) sector, the attributes, like flame retardance, impact resistance, and durability of polycarbonate sheets, aid manufacturers to meet the demand for higher standards of appearance and compliance with the emerging regulatory or eco-design standards.

Multi-walled Sheets to Witness a Stable Growth

Multi-walled polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, provide high impact strength and thermal insulation, are UV resistant, and have excellent transparency. These types of sheets are used for architectural roofing and glazing, skylights and sidelights, roofing applications, signage and displays, decorative partitions, and greenhouses. They are also widely used in air conditioning and heating, as they prevent the hot air exhausted from the servers from mixing with the conditioned air, which helps the servers to operate at their peak efficiency. According to the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, the global demand for air conditioners increased from 99.35 million units, in 2015, to 102.31 million units, in 2016, with Russia, Italy, India, and the United States witnessing the highest demand. The aforementioned factors, along with the recovering construction industry in Europe and rapidly growing investments in the construction sector in many Asian countries, are expected to augment the growth of multi-walled polycarbonate sheets in the coming years.

Germany to Exhibit the Fastest Growth in Europe

Germany leads the European automotive market, with over 41 assembly and engine production plants that contribute to about one-third of the total automobile production in Europe. The consistent investments in R&D activities and increasing automotive production rates in the country every year are the factors supporting the growth of polycarbonate sheets & films market. The German electronic industry generated a turnover of EUR 191 billion in 2017, making it second-largest branch. After a short downfall in 2013, the electronics industry started increasing its revenues at an average growth rate of 3% per year. The electrical & electronics industry recorded a tremendous growth of 4.7% Y o Y in 2017. The increasing production and assembly of electronic components are driving the demand for polycarbonate films in the country.