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Polycarbonate sheet applied in Prada Art Tower: Fashion Milan's "Chameleon"

Time: 2018-09-25

Polycarbonate sheet applied in Prada Art Tower: Fashion Milan's "Chameleon"


Milan Rem Koolhaas and his architectural firm in Rotterdam, OMA, designed the art exhibition space for the Prada Foundation a new tower that exudes a soft glow, like a Only chameleons.

From the east, a slender, undecorated, cream-white concrete building stands nine stories high and opens several balconies it becomes a signpost, like the bell tower in a traditional village, from a low The dwarf houses are rising from the ground.

To the north, the building façade merges into the skyline of Milan. The walls are made of glass and cantilevered on the street. The floors of different floors are transformed between parallelograms and irregular quadrangles. The zigzag is divided and the whole building falls on a triangular block.

The south side makes the erected building structure at a glance. A large beam contains several large steel cables that contain the thrust generated by the overhanging, heavy concrete slabs. This beam is like a sword inserted into a stone, leaning down from the top of the building, through the red tile roof of an old warehouse next to it, anchored into the ground.

At the same time, a very modern custom transparent polycarbonate plate is used here, and the aluminum handrails are polished to the same level as Ferrari cars. There are also oak paving slabs and painted green metal prison fences for other uses, which become the screen of the depository and the compartment in the toilet.