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polycarbonate sheet applied in Cadillac

Time: 2018-09-27

polycarbonate sheet applied in Cadillac: Cadillac once again became the president's car

On September 23, local time in New York, a new generation of US presidential car debuted. Because of its special status, GM has spent nearly $16 million on the presidential team, including a $1.5 million "beast" and 12 guards. Trump took the opportunity to attend the 73rd UN General Assembly in New York.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of presidential car is still the Cadillac extended luxury courtesy car built by General Motors, continuing the nickname of "Monsters". The car is built on a GMC truck platform with a windshield of polycarbonate and tempered glass (thickness up to 12cm) and an 8-inch thick armored guard to create a body that resists small rocket attacks. The fuel tank and the tank are the same, which can prevent armor-piercing projectiles under 12.7 mm.

Although the exact specifications of the presidential limousine have always been a secret, from the past Obama's car can be guessed, the new generation of presidential models "beast" has the following functions:

1. It maintains the seat layout of the previous "Beast" model 2+3+2.
2. It is equipped with plasma of the president's blood type in case of emergency.
3. It can resist chemical weapons.

4. It carries a large number of protective facilities and a tear gas transmitter.
5, its tires use Kevlar enhanced leak-proof tires, can withstand multiple punctures.
6, it has EMP (electromagnetic pulse) explosion protection design, can avoid the failure of vehicle electrical appliances, maintain communication, call rescue.