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Polycarbonate sheet applications

Time: 2018-08-04

What Are the Applications for Polycarbonate Sheet?


The polycarbonate sheets are currently being used instead of other materials such as polyethylene membrane, toughened glass and glass. This has been due to the desirable features they possess such as lightweight, high impact strength, UV protection and better aesthetic value. Furthermore, frosted and emnossed polycarbonate sheets are mainly used for decoration purposes. There are quite a number of polycarbonate sheet applications where both hollow and solid sheets are used.


Polycarbonates are used to make the following key items:


Electrical and electronics; this material is used to make quite a number of electrical and electronics equipment. Some of the most common parts include the switching relays, sensor parts, LCD sections, connectors, cell phones and computers just to mention a few. This is due to its light weight and high impact strength. The fact that hollow polycarbonates are perfect thermal insulators makes them to be a perfect choice in most electrical and electronic industry. Closely related to this is the optical industry, where they are used to make optical discs which are some of the most common storage medium. These include the CD, CD-ROM, DVD etc.


Automotive industry; polycarbonates are used to make various parts in the automotive industry. This is also due to their light weight and high-performance properties. This allows for the manufacture of eye-catching components which are designed to improve the aesthetic look of the automobiles and their efficiency. Their light weight allows for better aerodynamics which is an important aspect of the automobile industry. They are used to make transparent sections of the car, headlight bezels, door handles, radiator grills and inner lenses. Their extensive use in this industry is due to their rigidity, dimensional stability, good heat resistance and low moisture absorption.


Agriculture; polycarbonate sheets are also used to make greenhouses. The UV treated polycarbonate sheets are commonly used to make high-quality greenhouse covering materials. They exist in very many forms which include the single-walled which provides no light diffusion and lacks the heat retention capability; the twin-walled which provide an additional strength, better insulating values and diffused light; the triple walled which is known to provide better heat retention capabilities and superior strength than the other two. The triple walled polycarbonate sheets are mainly used in cold climates.