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Polycarbonate in Architecture: 10 Translucent Solutions

Time: 2018-11-13

Polycarbonate in Architecture: 10 Translucent Solutions

Composed of microcell panels, polycarbonate offers various solutions for the use of natural lighting in architectural enclosures. Whether applied to facades, interior spaces or roofs, the benefits of polycarbonate, such as lightness, clean lines, colored panels, and light effects, offer a wide range of design freedom. Microcell panel technology reduces the need for artificial light and favors uniformity in the diffusion of natural light, achieving energy efficient facades and the illusion of spaciousness in interior spaces. Below, we've selected 10 projects that have used polycarbonate as a wrapping material.

Little Big House / Room11 Architects

The lower half of the facade of this house is composed of polycarbonate panels. It uses a metal frame that is aligned with the profiles of its windows. Its use allows the entry of diffused light and spaciousness inside the house.

Truck Maintenance Center / Raum

Both the rear enclosure and the second floor of this maintenance center consists of microcell panels. The lines of the panels give a vertical texture that works with the wooden structure proposed by the architects.

LBK / Ply Architecture

Polycarbonate translucent honeycombs are used on the terrace decks and in skylights to allow the entry of diffused and harmonious zenithal light.