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Polycarbonate hollow sheet has good flame retardant, greenhouse use more reliable

Time: 2019-01-02

Polycarbonate hollow sheet has good flame retardant, greenhouse use more reliable


If the greenhouse catches fire unfortunately, it will cause a lot of trouble. Greenhouse greenhouse ceiling material selection if not good, in the fire will appear after the whole piece of burning, releasing toxic gases, etc., very troublesome.

Polycarbonate hollow sheet is a kind of high performance polycarbonate sheet material, have diapacity tall, qualitative light, fight concussion, sound insulation, heat insulation, difficult to burn, fight ageing to wait for a characteristic, but a lot of people are not very understanding to its advantage, today we understand the characteristic of polycarbonate hollow sheet difficult to burn.

Polycarbonate hollow sheet itself is not self-ignition and self-extinguishing, the polycarbonate hollow sheet itself ignition point is 580 degrees Celsius, from the fire self-extinguishing, burning will not produce toxic gas, will not contribute to the spread of the fire, so the flammability of the eu ROHS directive and strict UL safety specifications, UL94 fire rating reached V0, V2, HB class.

The flammability of the polycarbonate hollow sheet is also shown in the fierce combustion of the flame, the polycarbonate hollow sheet will melt, but will not aggravate the expansion of the flame and spread the flame of the combustion, once directly caused by the burning flame is removed, it will immediately coagulation and temporarily out. When the direct heat source is removed, it condenses nimbly. The dripping melt will not ignite any other combustible material, for they themselves are essentially noncombustible.

Above is a simple introduction of the characteristics of the flammability of the polycarbonate hollow sheet, in addition, I think when buying the sun board must choose a good quality of the sun board. Mainly because the use of recycled materials produced by the polycarbonate hollow sheet not only has the advantages of not obvious, such as light transmittance is not high, and the service life is very short; If it is the use of new material production of polycarbonate hollow sheet not only has a good transparency, but also other advantages are obvious, life is very long.