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Polycarbonate applied in China's medical optimization needle-free injection products

Time: 2018-12-28

Polycarbonate applied in China's medical optimization needle-free injection products


China currently has 114 million diabetic patients, the highest in the world and growing. It's easy to treat diabetes without the need for needles, and this more comfortable medical experience is becoming a reality.

Beijing Kushur Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Queth Shure”) has designed and manufactured a new safe and efficient needle-free syringe product that enhances the medical experience of diabetic patients.

“Quake Shure focuses on medical product innovation, providing a more convenient, safe and comfortable medical experience for patients in China and the world, improving their quality of life.” Zhang Yuxin, founder and general manager of Kushur, said, “So, We chose Coase as a partner to produce high quality needle-free syringes to meet the needs of China's growing diabetes population."

“Costtron has always been committed to creating a wonderful world, which requires us to innovate and find the most cutting-edge solutions, which is impossible.” Wang Xinyu, Sales Director of the Health Care Industry in China, Costron Polycarbonate Business Unit believes that “Today, the needle-free syringe that everyone sees is proof of our efforts. It can provide patients with a more comfortable and efficient injection experience, which helps patients improve compliance.”

Based on his own experience in needle-free injection, Kushur chose Coxtron's medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon® Rx1805. The product is durable, easy to process, safe and has excellent design flexibility. With superior material performance, Covestro also offers a full range of material solutions for the fast Shure needleless syringe products.

“Coschuang Model Clone® Rx1805 is mainly used for the production of insulin take-up interface and drug-loaded ampoule in the supply of fast Shure needle-free syringes.” Chen Suning, head of the Quick Shure Product Center, said, “Materials can meet plastics. The precise size, high strength and high toughness of the medicine parts and ampoules ensure that the medicine taking part can pierce the medicine stopper of the insulin bottle safely, and realize the design of the injection molding of the medicine needle and the suction end of the medicine. A series of rigorous tests have demonstrated that Covestro polycarbonate can achieve multiple indicators of material selection for ampoule: strength, precision molding stability, drug safety and radiation sterilization.