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Performance of Polycarbonate Sheet

Time: 2019-02-15

Performance of Polycarbonate Sheet

(1)Mechanical properties

 1.Impact strength :PC sheet has excellent impact resistance performance. Its impact resistance is 250 times that of glass of the same thickness and 30 times that of acrylic board.The impact strength of PC sheet is like “transparent steel plate”.

2.Good tensile strength: PC sheet heat resistance, even at 120 ℃, its tensile strength is still up to 350 kgf/cm2.

3. Bending strength: PC sheet bending sex good, even if the bending Angle of 90 °, still do not break.

4. Anti-fatigue and anti-creep :PC sheet is the best in thermoplastic. The creep is very small even at high temperatures.

(2) Thermal performance

 1. Melting temperature: PC sheet melt temperature 135 ℃, the temperature of 120 ℃ continuous use.

2. Linear expansion coefficient, linear expansion coefficient of 7 x 10-5 cm/cm / ℃ is smaller in the plastic.

3. Brittle temperature: PC sheet brittle temperature was minus 40 ℃, the minimum temperature for continuous use – 30 ℃, is than the general plastic.

4. Combustion :PC sheet is one of the non-flammable self-extinguishing plastics, which will not produce toxic gas when heated at high temperature.

(3)Optical properties

(4) Sound insulation

PC sheet has a sound insulation effect of 3-4db higher than glass.

Sunlight sheet is the commodity name of polycarbonate transparent sheet, abbreviated PC sheet, it is a kind of new decorative material with high intensity, light transmission, sound insulation and energy saving that is widely used in the world. It has light quality, weather resistance, super strong, flame retardant, sound insulation excellent performance, which has been widely recognized by architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering and advertising industry. The sales volume of PC sheet in the international market is increasing by 20% every year. With the gradual upgrading of domestic buildings, a number of key construction projects in China take the lead in adopting PC sheet, which has accumulated valuable experience in design, construction and daily maintenance for the promotion of this material in China.