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PC sheet installation is difficult? Master the method is not difficult!

Time: 2018-12-26

PC sheet installation is difficult? Master the method is not difficult!


1.Polycarbonate sheet bending should follow the direction of the force, must not be transverse bending. Bending radius should be sheet thickness: hollow two layer sheet 175 times, three layer sheet 185 times, four layer sheet 200 times. The bending radius of the polycarbonate solid sheet is also less than 175 times the thickness. The bending part of the sheet is strictly prohibited to be fixed with screws.

2.When installing a hollow sheet and solid sheet the plate and plate juncture place, must according to the plate thermal expansion gap size reserved, thermal expansion coefficient is 0.065 mm/m ℃, it is forbidden to self tapping screw, rivets and other fixed directly through the plank. If must pass through, must drill the diameter on sheet metal is bigger than the diameter of self-tapping nail or pull rivet 100% enlarge hole, drop again self-tapping nail or rivet pass through enlarge the circle center of hole, in order to ensure sheet metal can be in arbitrary direction free and telescopic.

3.The steel structure skeleton must be firmly installed and balanced to avoid damage to the polycarbonate sheet caused by the skeleton.

4.The steel structure skeleton material must conform to the structure area for the convenience of construction.

5.The thickness that aluminium alloy presses a strip and place buy plank and area agree with, can protect plank better, prolong service life.

6. The sealant in contact with the polycarbonate sheet must be neutral silicon-copper sealant. It is strictly prohibited to use the sealant containing solvent that is alkaline, acidic or with unknown chemical composition. Avoid direct contact between polycarbonate sheet and chemical solvent, solution and volatile gas, if the paint spray brush with thinner polycarbonate sheet support frame, must take paint completely dry before the installation of polycarbonate sheet, it is strictly prohibited to use thinner paint brush has been installed with polycarbonate sheet steel skeleton.

7. The installation and fixation of polycarbonate sheet must use special rainproof upper and lower sets of fasteners or special sheet layering. If other sheet sheeting is used, the material of the sheeting must be EPDM rubber or butadiene rubber.

8. The installation of polycarbonate sheet must be a UV co-extrusion anti-ultraviolet layer of the sheet with the words of the protective film side to the outdoor, must not be installed in reverse, after the completion of the installation immediately remove the protective film, to avoid the sun exposure after the protective film and polycarbonate sheet adhesion.

9. Before the installation of polycarbonate sheet, the protective film within a range of about 30mm from the edge shall be opened. It is strictly prohibited to press the protective film under the profile and then use the knife to open the protective film. No scratch shall be allowed on any part of the polycarbonate sheet.

10.Polycarbonate sheet section with aluminum foil tape or waterproof breathable tape sealed, so as to avoid steam dust and insects into the air, affecting the transparency and beauty of polycarbonate sheet.