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PC high hardness bulletproof glass plate

Time: 2018-09-18

PC high hardness bulletproof glass plate


The PC bulletproof glass plate is composed of a combination of a plurality of glass layers and a plastic layer (polymer), and the plastic layer generally uses a 12 mm-20 mm PC endurance plate (polycarbonate solid plate). Polycarbonate is a transparent, soft, ductile engineering plastic with a very high impact resistance, one-sixth the weight of glass. Because of the soft nature of polycarbonate molecules, when it is subjected to strong impact, it can absorb the energy (kinetic energy) of the bullet by self-deformation and stretching. If the front layer cannot intercept the bullet, it will pass to the next layer of polycarbonate, or even the next layer. The energy of the final bullet will be absorbed by the polycarbonate, so that it does not have enough energy to poke the next piece of glass.

The strength of bulletproof glass depends on the number of layers of glass and polycarbonate. When shooting, the rifle produces more energy than the pistol, so the number of bulletproof glass layers that need to resist rifle shooting is more and thicker.

Usually bulletproof glass ranges from 7mm to 75mm, and a 75mm piece of glass will be very expensive and heavy, which is generally not possible.

In addition, the thicker the bulletproof glass, the lower the transparency. If the glass is used on the windshield of a car, the low transparency may cause hidden dangers. Therefore, the automobile windshield generally uses polycarbonate sheets, such as a BMW X5 bulletproof car, a Mercedes S500, and the like.

Although the glass layer in the bulletproof glass can break inside, the polycarbonate layer will prevent the broken glass from scattering around and hurting people, so the whole structure is very scientific, unlike the ordinary glass broken and scattered everywhere, the second wounded.