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PC diffusion sheet technology, market status and development trend

Time: 2019-07-03

PC diffusion sheet technology, market status and development trend


* Current status and application status of PC diffusion sheet at home and abroad

With the rapid development of the LED industry in the past decade, LED lighting has been widely popularized and accepted by people. As a key material for LED lighting, the diffusion sheet is also constantly developing and progressing. PC diffusion sheet is also used as a high-quality diffusion material in technology and application. Continuous improvement and improvement.

The technical level of PC diffusion sheet:

1. Blending with light-diffusing resin and PC resin, the two materials with different refractive indices are uniformly dispersed, and the light diffusion is realized by the difference in refractive index. At the same time, the surface of the sheet is irregularly formed during the forming of the PC sheet by thermoforming. The geometric surface uses the surface to achieve diffusion.

2. In order to achieve light transmittance, in order to ensure light transmittance, the selected diffusion material and PC material are optical grade materials. The surface of the product is shaped using a designed optical diffusing surface rather than a simple frosted glass surface.

In view of the excellent stability and safety of PC diffusers, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have extensive use in commercial lighting, public safety lighting, transportation and facilities; they are extremely low in China and other developing countries. . There are fewer applications in the general lighting field such as home and office. On the one hand, the cost of PC diffusion sheet is high. On the other hand, there are few manufacturers of PC diffusion board, and there is demand in the market, but the demand is reduced due to the lack of supply.

* Domestic PC diffusion board technology and application and foreign differences:

 The technology development of PC diffusion sheet originated from the raw material manufacturers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. At the beginning, it was developed with the purpose of supporting LED backlight display. With the development of LED lighting, the application of PC diffusion board in the field of lighting should also come.

PC diffusion sheets are currently used in high-quality LED lighting products, and most of these products are mainly exported. Several raw material manufacturers mainly use functional PC diffusion boards for special requirements; Korean and Chinese companies use LED lighting. Mainly in the field.The application situation at home and abroad is also very different. Foreign countries have clear safety requirements in the field of transportation facilities and public lighting. PC diffusion boards are widely used. Some life requirements are required in the field of home and office lighting, and PC diffusion boards are also used. The domestic transportation facilities and public lighting fields are not clear. The requirements for the use of PC diffusion boards, the general field of home and office are not standardized, PC diffusion board is rarely used.

* the current market bottleneck of PC diffusion sheet:

After more than a decade of development, PC diffusion boards have a place in high-end applications, but they have not been widely used in general fields such as home and office. There are three factors that affect the widespread use of PC diffusers:

1. As the most stable optical resin with comprehensive performance, PC has a very wide range of fields of use and market demand, while the production technology of PC raw materials is controlled by international oligarchy. The price of PC raw materials is 2-4 times that of general-purpose plastics, and the cost is high. Promotion. The good thing is that domestic PC raw materials are gradually starting.

2. LED lamps have only been developed for more than a decade. In addition to the requirements and standards in the transportation facilities and public safety fields, LED products have not standardized and popularized the concepts of service life and safety. There is no high standard, and PC diffusion boards as standard equipment for high-quality light sources are also promoted. difficult.

3. As an optical grade resin, PC has high requirements for processing technology. Generally, sheet metal production enterprises have no technical accumulation and reserves, and do not have production capacity. The market supply of PC diffusion boards also has certain bottlenecks.

* the value of PC diffusion sheet for the LED lighting industry:

Product concept of PC light diffuser In the environment where LED lighting is becoming more and more popular, PC light diffusing plate is a companion of high-quality light source, helping to achieve high-efficiency, safe flame-retardant, environmentally-friendly and weather-resistant quality assurance of LED lighting. Therefore, the PC light diffusing plate can help LED lighting products achieve long life, and protect the safety of LED lighting products to meet people's good living needs. The long-life polycarbonate has a temperature range of minus 60 degrees Celsius to minus 120 degrees Celsius, and the low-pressure heat distortion temperature reaches about 135 degrees Celsius. This high temperature range allows PC light diffusing plates produced from the main raw material polycarbonate. The stability is greatly increased, and it is not affected by moisture and high and low temperature. The addition of anti-UV additive to the process can also increase the weather resistance of the PC light diffusing plate, and is modified compared with other PMMA and PS diffusing plates. The PC light diffusing plate can keep the color difference stable during 5-10 years of use, and it will not deteriorate and be used on the lamp housing to help LED lighting products achieve long life.

High security The polycarbonate has stable performance, and its impact resistance is also excellent due to its chemical structure of molecular structure. The impact resistance of PC light diffusion plate made of polycarbonate is 250 times that of glass and 50 times that of PMMA/PS.The polycarbonate has a high oxygen index and is itself a B1 grade engineering material. The produced PC light diffuser can achieve a V2 fire rating and function as a non-combustible one. The performance is superior to those of the combustion-supported PMMA/PS diffuser; further through the raw materials. Polycarbonate is added with imported composite flame retardant to improve the V0 flame retardant properties of the 0.8mm-2.0mm diffuser plate, breaking through the traditional bottleneck of raw material manufacturers in the resin manufacturing process. The application range of the PC light diffusing plate is greatly improved, and the LED lighting product is provided with higher security to meet the needs of more and more customers, and the LED safety lighting industry is escorted.

*How to improve light quality and light health through PC diffusion board:

The concept of light quality and light health has gradually penetrated into the hearts of the people. At present, the lighting industry is improving the protection of light to improve the development of light quality and light health.

Protective The main factors affecting people's health are blue light hazards and ultraviolet hazards. The LED illuminator is used as a light source for high-energy blue light of 400nm-450nm. The long-term feeling not only causes the human body to be uncomfortable, but also damages the human eye retina. The ultraviolet light of the LED light source can be neglected, and the traditional light source such as the fluorescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp has obvious ultraviolet radiation, and the ultraviolet light below 380 nm may cause damage to human skin health and needs protection.

The blue light hazard is mainly solved by three aspects: light source, lampshade and auxiliary:

1. The light source is solved by adding a blue light absorbing material in the LED lamp bead;

2. Auxiliary solution by installing a lens with blue light absorption function outside the lamp bead;

3. The lampshade solves the problem that the absorption intensity of blue light can be reduced by 15%-30% by adding an absorption aid to a diffusion material such as a lampshade or a mask.

The ultraviolet light hazard is mainly caused by traditional light sources such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. At present, it is widely used to reduce the ultraviolet radiation intensity of 90-95% by adding ultraviolet absorption aids to diffusing materials such as lampshades and masks to protect human health.