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Moscow's Luzhniki Arena uses polycarbonate multiwall sheets for stand roofing

Time: 2018-12-07

Moscow's Luzhniki Arena uses polycarbonate multiwall sheets for stand roofing


The Moscow's Luzhniki Arena has received new grandstand roofing with multiwall sheets made of Makrolon polycarbonate from Covestro.

When the stadium was renovated for the World Cup from 2015, the decision was made to use Covestro's high-tech product once again.

The old roofing was made of this high-tech plastic and after years of use, the panels showed only barely visible scratches and slight loss of colour.

Around 36,000 square metres are covered with 25 millimetres thick, white-coloured multiwall sheets.

The X-structure of the Makrolon multiwall sheet ensures high stability in various types of weather and withstands even high snow loads of up to one ton per square metre.

Covestro says the polycarbonate sheets are guaranteed to be protected from weathering for 25 years, due to new additives and a special UV coating.

The material also has cost savings of 40 to 45 per cent, in comparison to a glass roof construction.

The sheets have a lower weight, making it easier to transport and process and the panels have a width of 1.20 metres and a length of 9.80 metres.

Covestro adds that solid and multiwall sheets made of polycarbonate have already proven their worth in stadium construction and many other large-scale projects.

In Germany, numerous new or renovated sports facilities bear impressive testimony to the possibilities of Makrolon sheets.