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Identify Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Quality Methods

Time: 2018-12-21

Identify Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Quality Methods


At present, the quality of the mixed products of the Polycarbonate solid sheet (Solid Polycarbonate Sheet) industry is mixed. Some merchants only have to cut corners on the products to harm consumers’ rights in order to fight the price war. Since there is no mandatory norm in the relevant industry standards, it leads to a phenomenon: the same is the PC board ( Endurance board) Why are the prices so different? Below we will analyze the reasons for the price gap:

Is the thickness sufficient? For example: Can the merchant ask for 2mm thick PC endurance board thickness with a caliper to measure whether it can reach 2mm?
Is the weight enough? For example: Can a merchant ask if the weight of a 2mm thick PC endurance board can reach 4kg/square? (Standard board weight calculation method: thickness mm*1.2= kg/m2) We need to weigh the weight after we buy it. If it can’t reach the standard weight, how to compensate?

Please explain the ingredients of the PC endurance board. Is it a new import? Or domestically produced new materials? Or what other ingredients? We need to go to the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center for testing. Can we pass the test? (The sample of the PC endurance board containing the return material and the sample of the PC endurance board of the new material can be placed on the same white A4 paper. It is not difficult to see that the PC endurance board containing the return material will be slightly yellow. In addition, the PC endurance board can be used. Peel off the protective film and observe the sky. The PC endurance board containing fine particle impurities is doped back.)

The district distinguishes between traders and factories. The trading company smashed and smashed the market by smashing and smashing the market in the small workshop-style factory, and using the banner of the factory, and using the buyer’s lack of understanding of the product to shoddy. It can be identified by the company’s registered address and business scope (the business license contains production and manufacturing, which is a production-capable factory, which only contains sales, operations, and no production, and is a trading company). It can also be identified through the factory’s real door sign, or contact me. The company helps distinguish.