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How to judge the quality of PC sheet when buying it?

Time: 2018-12-19

How to judge the quality of PC sheet when buying it?


Different from other building materials, the quality of PC hollow sheet and polycarbonate solid sheet involves a very important point “quality guarantee period”. Of course, some other products will also have a warranty of three years, one year said, although the manufacturer or the manufacturer of quality assurance products, but the PC sheet warranty obviously longer time. So, when buying PC sheet, how should judge the bad of PC sheet quality?

First of all, if it is transparent PC sheet, we can observe various of transparency, usually ten years warranty, PC polycarbonate solid sheet light transmittance can reach 90% or so of the polycarbonate hollow sheet at about 80%, if the plank low penetrability, specification sheet used polycarbonate quality is poorer, the fixed number of year of quality assurance for nature also will shrink.

Secondly, we can carefully observe whether there are impurities in the PC sheet. The polycarbonate material used for the board containing impurities is mixed with recycled old material to varying degrees. The color of PC polycarbonate solid sheet produced by this material will be somewhat different. Generally, the plate produced by recycling material is difficult to be used for more than 10 years. After several years of sun exposure, it will break.

Third, the warranty life of transparent PC sheet, in addition to the use of the most important raw materials, there is another factor “UV coating”, its main role is to prevent ultraviolet light to damage the polycarbonate composition, thus avoiding PC sheet yellow, aging. You can have the side that besmear has UV to shine below strong light, its edge line part can appear not quite apparent blue, do not contain UV sheet to appear changeless.

Fourth, look at the gram weight, generally good PC sheet, relatively speaking because of the material compactness, the quality is heavier, knead more hard, otherwise the texture is softer, the quality is lighter.

In general, start from these four points, we can simply judge whether the quality of PC sheet is in line with your purchase standards. I hope you had better look for the brand manufacturers from formal channels when buying in large quantities, to avoid being deceived, jiangsu guoweixing plastic technology co., ltd. is worthy of being lazy.