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How to distinguish the polycarbonate sheets is good or bad?

Time: 2018-10-06

How to distinguish the polycarbonate sheets is good or bad?


1. Look at the transparency. The best PC board transmittance is about 94%. The lower the transparency, the more the recycled material will increase, and the color of the defective sun board will be black.

2. Uncover the protective film and look at the sheet. The non-impurity and non-particulate sheet is a new material. On the contrary, if there is foreign matter, the reclaimed material is added. The more the reclaimed material is added, the more the impurity is, the worse the quality of the sheet is.

3. Look at the wall thickness, the thicker, the more materials used, the higher the proportion, the higher the cost, the better the quality of the board, this method is also the same as the method of weighing the PC board component per unit area.

4. Bending the PC plate sample block, the worse the quality of the easy-brittle plate, the PC polycarbonate plate is better tolerant. If the plate is very simple cracking, it means that it is not pure PC data, that is, the PC with the added material is added. board.

5. Look at the surface of the PC board PE protective film if it is better to paste the surface, indicating that the equipment process is not behind.

6. Look at the flatness of the board, the flat sheet on the one hand indicates that the upper and lower walls are thicker, the material is sufficient, and it is not easy to be deformed; on the other hand, the equipment process is also better. If the board has waves, it means that the PC board process is not yet Sophisticated, perhaps the upper and lower walls are thinner.

7. The price. The same kind of standard PC board, the price of the brand is not too big, the PC board with low price must have problems. Therefore, when customers choose, they should consider the price when considering the price. It depends on their own requirements and usage, and choose the right PC board according to their own needs.