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How Is The PC Hollow Sheet Anti-fog?

Time: 2019-01-24

How Is The PC Hollow Sheet Anti-fog?


The indoor and outdoor temperature differences cause water vapor to condense on the walls and top of the greenhouse, forming small water droplets and reducing the transmittance of sunlight. What is the detailed impact strength of the Polycarbonate hollow sheet? And drip down the damaged plants. In addition to all the excellent performance of the Polycarbonate hollow sheet, the anti-fog drip board also has an anti-condensation anti-fog drip layer at the bottom, so that the moisture in the air is uniformly condensed on the board to form small water droplets distributed on the board, along the slope ( The direction of the slats) slides to the edge instead of dropping directly.

Can the PC Hollow Sheet bend?

In fact, the Polycarbonate hollow sheet itself is flat without any undulations and curvature, but because the raw materials of the PC solar panel are special, the polycarbonate material has a very good way to bend to varying degrees. Therefore, bending a PC solar panel into a certain arc is relatively simple as long as it is laid and fixed along the curvature of the skeleton during installation.

Some people have done experiments. If the Polycarbonate hollow sheet is really bent, it is very large, but there are limits. Usually, the radius of the rounded PC sun plate circle cannot exceed 175 times the thickness of the PC sun plate. That is to say, the minimum bending radius of the PC solar panel is 175 times the thickness of the panel, which is easier to understand.

Due to the performance of the PC solar panel, the applicability of the product is stronger and not as good as the glass plate.