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How does polycarbonate combine freedom in design with environmental benefits

Time: 2018-08-07

How does polycarbonate combine freedom in design with environmental benefits?


Design flexibility

When creating a design on the cutting edge, finding a material that will make the idea a reality can be a challenge. Polycarbonate sheet enables wide-ranging design freedom due to an ability to be cold formed and thermoformed without losing impact or weathering properties. Even highly complex structures can be made with polycarbonate.



Polycarbonate sheet has an excellent reputation for maintaining coloring and strength over time, even in stressful conditions. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet, which is virtually unbreakable – is able to resist hail impact and withstand storm wind loads.



Compared to traditional glazing materials, multiwall polycarbonate sheet products can deliver exceptional thermal insulation to enhance energy conservation and reduce associated emissions. Multiwall structured polycarbonate sheets create additional air pockets between the exterior and interior of the building while enhancing strength and stiffness. This configuration helps the material deliver energy efficiency year round while transmitting diffused daylight.


Installation Savings

The cost of construction is an important feature not to be overlooked. From transport to onsite breakage, financial losses and ecological impacts of installation can rise dramatically if builders select the wrong material. Polycarbonate sheet offers weight savings of more than 50 % compared to glass at the same thickness. Multiwall sheet delivers even greater weight savings. When compared with 6 mm wired glass, 10 mm multiwall sheet offers a weight savings of more than 85 %. Lighter weight leads to significant fuel savings in transportation and makes handling easier.


Polycarbonate is an innovative material which allows architects and builders to create structures that are original, practical, and sustainable. Cost-efficient and flexible in its design capabilities and versatility, polycarbonate sheet is positioned to help meet the demand for energy-efficient buildings. As the next great architectural challenges arise, the use of polycarbonate sheet will likely increase.