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Europe's third largest stadium ushers in a football event: polycarbonate multi-layer sheet used in the roof of the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium

Time: 2018-08-03

Polycarbonate multi-layer sheet used in the roof of the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium

After four years of renovation, the solemn Moscow Luzhniki Olympic Stadium was reborn before the 2018 World Cup. During the renovation, the stadium used Cox's model to clone polycarbonate multi-layer panels to rebuild the roof of the grandstand. It is no coincidence that this material was chosen - the old ceiling is also made of this high-tech plastic. Even after years of use, the ceiling surface has only visibly visible scratches and slight fading.

Large ceiling

These white multi-layer sheets are only 25 mm thick and have a total footprint of approximately 36,000 m2. In order to transport these panels, 1.20 meters wide and 9.80 meters long, to Moscow, a total of about 30 trucks were used.

The X-shaped structure of the Makrolon multi-layer board ensures the stability of the roof under various weather conditions and can withstand up to 1 ton of snow per square meter. At the same time, new additives and special UV coatings ensure that polycarbonate sheets are protected from environmental aging for 25 years. In addition, this material also has a good fire rating.

Light weight and low cost

Compared to glass roofs, polycarbonate sheets can reduce costs by 40% to 45%. Polycarbonate sheets are lighter in weight and easy to transport and process. The use of polycarbonate sheets also allows for a more freedom in the design of the support structure, which is typically made of aluminum or other metals.

Rugged polycarbonate laminates have proven their worth in the construction of sports venues and other large projects. In Germany, Makrolon plates are used in many new or refurbished stadium facilities. In other countries, such as China, Poland, Brazil, Romania and Austria, the material is also widely used in various fields.

Brilliant years

The Luzhniki Stadium was built in 1956 and has hosted many domestic or international sporting events, including the 1980 Moscow Olympics. In addition, some internationally renowned artists also hold concerts here.