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Covestro polycarbonate films offer anti-counterfeiting protection for secure IDs

Time: 2019-02-13

Covestro polycarbonate films offer anti-counterfeiting protection for secure IDs


Security is a top priority for identification (ID) documents, such as national identity cards, driver's licenses and passports. However, low cost materials and decentralized personalization can make fraudulent attacks easier to commit. With this in mind, security printing firms and card manufacturers are turning to polycarbonate—a highly durable material with unique physical properties enabling new applications against counterfeit attempts. In fact, several US states and Canadian provinces have already adopted polycarbonate-based driver's licenses.

To meet the growing demand for polycarbonate materials in secure ID applications, Covestro offers a broad portfolio of Makrofol ID polycarbonate films for a variety of anti-counterfeiting needs. These materials provide the durability required for secure ID features. Polycarbonate is laminated at a high temperature and pressure to create an inseparable bond, making the document virtually impenetrable. Access to the security features and personalized data embedded in the card is not possible without causing noticeable damage, therefore providing superior protection against copying and forgery.

Also, clear window technology presents an additional security feature against counterfeiting attempts. Covestro developed a very thin film with extremely high opacity that is particularly suitable for the seamless integration of clear window applications.

Strengthened security for federal credentials

Covestro is a supplier to the US Government Publishing Office (GPO), which utilizes Makrofol ID films for a variety of ID applications.

"Polycarbonate materials are a key manufacturing component in helping to strengthen the security of the nation's secure federal credentials. GPO looks forward to continuing our relationship with Covestro as we move forward in the production process of these important identity credentials, such as border crossing documents and secure smart cards," said Steve LeBlanc, managing director of security and intelligent documents, US Government Publishing Office.

"Secure IDs manufactured with our specially formulated polycarbonate films are among the most counterfeit-resistant documents available due to the inherent quality of the polycarbonate and the security features that can be integrated," said Frank Mannarino, business development specialist, Covestro LLC.

Material benefits enable secure features

Makrofol ID polycarbonate films are manufactured as a white core film, as a transparent film and as a transparent laser-optimized overlay film. These materials are highly durable and outlast other card materials that have been traditionally used in the market.

According to Thorsten Dreier, global head, Specialty Films, Covestro, polycarbonate films are already used for government issued security documents and identity cards in more than 30 countries. "Covestro is recognized by the high- security printing industry as an innovation and technology leader, and continues to advance materials technology that enables the most-secure features," said Dreier.

Makrofol ID polycarbonate films provide a variety of additional benefits for identity documents, including:

  • Excellent clarity of the transparent grades for windows
  • High-contrast laser engraving receptivity
  • High durability and long service life

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